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RECORD TALK TIME!! (tracks and artwork)

1 Mar

We are glad to announce that all the tracks for our upcoming 12″ on P.Trash Records are recorded. We are currently sitting on them before going in for a final mixing and mastering session with Alex Bonenfant and Jon Drew @ Dreamhouse Studio in Toronto.

In artwork news,

our homeboy Matt Darling has watercoloured us up some SICK album artwork. Can’t wait to unveil this shittttttttttt.


CAN’T GET OUT in Germany!!!

1 Mar

CAN’T GET OUT in Germany!!!

Our dear pal Peter from P.Trash Records was kind enough to share this link with us. Enjoy the rad selection of gems Christoph has collected ini these lists throughout the years!

We will also be writing and recording a jingle for the radio show for Christoph to use as an introduction sometimes. Stay tuned for that!!!

Premiere of “BAD FAITH”

15 Feb

AUX.TV premiered a new track.

BAD FAITH will be on our upcoming 12″ with P.Trash Records.Image

AUX.TV interview PINK WINE

15 Feb

AUX.TV asked us why people should care about our band. We didn’t know.Image



15 Feb

We recorded a live off the floor cover of Ugly Ducklings – Nothin’ last week. Here it is!


10 Feb


PINK WINE is now part of the P.TRASH RECORDS family!! We are hitting the studio late February to record another 7 tracks to add to the 5 we already have for our debut 12″ coming out later this year on the German label!

Get stoked and be sure to check out the NEWS and SHOWS section to see what we’ve got coming!! also, visit P.Trash here to see their stellar line-up.


PINK WINE @ NOW Magazine Lounge

10 Feb


We recently stepped in to the NOW Magazine Lounge to record a rendition of Nothin’ by The Ugly Ducklings for a segment called “50 Best Toronto Records” Here are some photos our friend Mackenzie Burgess snapped that night. The segment should be airing any Friday now. Stay Tuned!

pinkwine3 pinkwine2 pinkwine1 pinkwine6 pinkwine5 pinkwine4


PINK WINE miniseries on TFO (French)

10 Feb

Here are the 4 parts that have aired so far from our mini-series with TFO done by our pal Phil Hicks (Felix). If you are french it will be a lot funnier but still some solid moments for you english speakers.


Clinton’s Show

30 Aug

Clinton’s Show

What’s up Whinos??

We’ve got some good things coming and some good things already come.

Check out the LIFE section for some photos taken by the lovely Sam Wood and some others taken by Brian at our first show. We’ve played a few since then but nothing like whats about to happen.

We hit the studio with our dear friend Alex Bonenfant to record a proper 7″ or two. We plan on doing four tracks so we’ll wait and see what comes of it. The talented as fuck Theo McKibbon will be drumming for the record as well as for the show we are playing at Clinton’s in Toronto on September 6th. After that we’ve got someone extra special lined up who we can hopefully announce very soon.

After this show on the 6th we won’t be playing anything till mid october when we go on a mini-tour with The Eeries and Naughty Girls hitting up Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and Hamilton. Be sure to check this page out for more details.



Get It While It`s Free!

3 Jun

So a few weeks back we locked ourselves into the Richmond cave known as our jamspace with the handsome Patrick McCormack to record a demo so we could actually validate that we are a band. Actually. What came of it are these four songs that are know available for free download through our Bandcamp page or directly below. Dont be a jerk. Give it a listen at least.


While we were in there we snapped off a few shots with Iphone magic. Here are some of them:

tyler and pat setting shit up

tyler and pat setting up

richard `the hammer`stanley

confused doyle

layin`the beds

tyler tuckered out

No complaints,