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Sam Coffey and the Iron Lungs

2 Oct

Sam Coffey and the Iron Lungs

Joel and Liam, along with 3 other pals, have become the Iron lungs, the new backing band for Sam Coffey. We are playing our first show on a rooftop for free with free Jameson.

Check it out. Also hit the main link for press release from Sam and to hear our new Album “Shin No Skin”


Pink Wine Mini- Series Ep.1

2 Oct

Our pal Felix followed us to Montreal on TFO’s dime to videotape our show at the infamous Death House.

Fuck Yeah, Mes Francais

25 Jul

PINK WINE plays Montreal for the first time. We’re honoured to play with the mighty SONIC AVENUES and DAGGER EYES. We play Toronto the next night with Dagger Eyes as well. Make a fucking weekend of it.

August 10th – Death House – Montreal w/Sonic Avenues, Dagger Eyes, Average Times

August 11th – TBA – Toronto w/Dagger Eyes and more tba